Sunday, December 29, 2013

Is it you or your mind?

This is about a real incident that happened with me many years ago.   This incident gave me new insight into how human mind works and its power to make us believe things which are not.

On one of my trips to Jabalpur,  I planned to pay a visit to my dear friend who was running a Computer Educational Institute in this city around Shastri Bridge area.  This institute was at 2nd floor of the very wide but not too tall building.  I parked my two wheeler at designated parking area and climbed stairs around the atrium to 2nd floor.

Soon, I was standing outside main entrance door of the institute.   The door had wooden panel around it with transparent glass in the middle.  The door was closed and I could see receptionist sitting at a distance clearly visible through the door.   I tried opening the door by pushing and pulling but failed to open it.  Also, there was no latch which I could use.    Confused and with a feeling of little guilt, I looked straight into receptionist indicating with my body language that I cannot open the door.   I see receptionist murmured something pointing at door, but I could not hear anything (note that door is closed).  I clearly saw her lips moving and she is saying something about door, but  it was of no use to me as I can't hear a thing.   

At this time, I started feeling bit angry on the receptionist as she was just sitting and giving instructions I can't hear and is not  getting up to help me.  I was thinking she does not know that I am dear friend of owner of this institute and I surely do not deserve this attitude from her.  She kept on saying something and I kept on indicating that I cannot hear anything neither I can open the door.

After a minute of so,  I could see that she was as much frustrated as I was and suddenly she got up, came near and WALKED RIGHT THROUGH THE DOOR out  and almost yelled at me 'Sir,  Please come in through the door, THERE IS NO GLASS yet.    I was shocked in disbelief.  I composed myself, got in through the closed door  and asked for my friend.  I realized that some interior work was in progress and they did not finish yet.   Door I was standing outside only had a wooden frame with nothing in between.

I had many questions hovering in my mind about this experience.  I will update blog with my answers later. Meanwhile,  please share you comments on what you think about this incident over all and specifically to questions below.
Q1) Why I assumed and was 100% convinced that there is glass fitted in the door?
Q2) Why I was not able to hear anything that receptionist was saying although there was no door (of course I have no hearing problem)? 
Q3) Was there anything I could have done to avoid seeing glass where there was none (and avoid embarrassment)?